We understand that we are managing people’s homes and supporting communities.

How we do this can affect residents’ day-to-day lives and we take this responsibility seriously. Our real points of difference are around proactivity, communication, attention to detail and transparency. Addressing simple maintenance issues quickly is of paramount importance as is keeping costs to a sustainable and reasonable level. We place great emphasis on a quick response to maintenance issues and on communication through e-newsletters, meetings and by simply picking up the phone.We manage a broad range of buildings across the UK ranging from small period conversions to large purpose- built blocks of flats comprising of hundreds of units.

Our services include:

• Service charge structuring & building set up

• Financial management and statutory compliance

• Effective management of Health & Safety risk

• Insurance management

• Service charge accounting

• Planned and reactive maintenance

• Employment and management of on-site staff

• Contractor procurement and management

• The management of major work

Icn collective
Icn right to
Icn new build
Collective Enfranchisement
Right to Manage
New Build Development Consultancy

We have assisted a number of clients going through collective enfranchisement i.e. the collective purchase by a group of Leaseholders of their building’s freehold. While the outcome is desirable for flat owners as it provides them with ultimate control of their building, many people are not prepared for the amount of bureaucracy and work involved to make it happen. The process is quite involved and complicated and will have financial and practical considerations for those committed to the process but we will take you through it step-by-step and provide advice where necessary. We can recommend legal advisers and independent experts where we do not have the expertise in-house.

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For many flat owners, wrestling with poor managing agents, taking control of their building’s management is an attractive proposition. This has been made possible by the provisions of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. Importantly, you do not have your landlord's permission, prove any mismanagement or obtain any court order to exercise this right but a Right to Manage (RTM) company does needs to be set up and due process followed. Not all buildings will qualify and there are legal and financial implications that needs to be understood. We can advise you on practical matters related to an RTM application, support you during the process and recommend legal advisers where required.

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We advise a broad range of developers on the effective design of common parts and services as well as how to structure a service charge. These areas are often overlooked by the developer when designing a scheme as they focus on simply making the common parts visually appealing to potential buyers. Due regard is sometimes not paid to longer-term management considerations which can then throw up practical problems and unnecessarily running costs. This is thankfully now changing with the advent of build-to-rent and keeping things as simple as possible is usually at the heart of our advice. We can advise on matters such as staffing, mechanical and electrical installations, and strategies for matters such as waste management and pest control.

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Case Studies

Anchor Terrace

Brunsfield acted on behalf of another collective enfranchisement client in the management of Anchor Terrace, an attractive Georgian era Grade Two listed development of flats built on the site of the original Globe Theatre in Southwark. Formerly comprising of the homes of senior employees of the Anchor Brewery, the building had suffered from a lack of pro-active property management for a number of years and was looking tired. We engaged with the freehold company and residents to put together a comprehensive management strategy so that the building can now be returned to its former state. In addition, we are implementing a maintenance regime to ensure the building fabric remains robust for years to come.

Rufford Mews

We acted here on behalf of a Collective Enfranchisement client, a company formed by Leaseholders to purchase the freehold of the building. The building had previously been managed unsuccessfully by the original developer who had not maintained the building properly or recorded correct accounts. On instruction we put together a detailed management budget and undertook a programme of maintenance including the replacement of a mechanised gate, renewal of unsatisfactory lighting throughout the development, fitting of new CCTV, maintenance of landscaping and engagement with all residents. The building’s common parts now being returned to good order once more which should increase the values of the flats there as well as improving the quality of life for residents.


We took on the management of this complicated development of 131 flats half way through the project delivery with one block completed and the rest under construction. We structured the service charge budget accordingly and managed the phased delivery of services from an operational perspective while engaging with the project delivery team, residents, contractors and associated third parties. There was a large amount of plant and district heating system and Combined Heat and Power Unit to manage and the site suffered from some anti-social behaviour but we managed to overcome these difficulties and implemented a robust and effective service charge regime.

14-20 Alie Street

We took on this building comprising of 31 private residential flats, affordable home and private gym from the previous Managing Agent with £7,000 in the bank account, creditors of over £50,000 and debtors of over £13,500. In addition the common parts of the building were in a poor state and the residents were deeply unhappy. Through detailed work and engagement over more than two years we turned the buildings finances around by collecting in all debt, negotiating with and paying all creditors and bringing the residents on board by explaining what we were doing and why. We are now in the process of redecorating all of the buildings common parts and returning the building to the standard it should be at.

Every building is unique. How is yours?
  • Icn living
    Living walls

    A living wall can look great but not if it’s dead! We’re used to managing the unusual to ensure that your building stays looking its best over the longer term.

  • Icn social
    Residents social

    We believe that it’s good to get to know your neighbours. We encourage our residents to meet each other and can even facilitate social events.

  • Icn trade
    Trade experts

    We deal with a broad range of specialist contractors with a wide range of expertise. If you need a recommendation please talk to us.

  • Icn security
    Security problems

    Security can be a problem at some residential buildings. We try to find solutions such as the installation of secure parcel boxes as well as access entry and CCTV improvements.

  • Icn updates
    Building updates

    We keep our residents up-to-date with regular e-newsletters covering what’s happening at their building so they are kept in the loop.

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