Our starting point is always our client. Whether you are a private investor, company, institution, or management company we will always focus on understanding your needs.

Consideration and understanding of the property and its users’ needs comes next before we implement a strategy that aims to satisfy the client’s, the building’s and its users’ needs. The final step is the delivery of a robust and effective management service paying due care to relevant health & safety legislation and compliance matters.

Icn communicative
Icn effective
Icn proactive

We try to be different by getting rid of the unnecessary and cutting to what’s important, by listening to our clients and tenants and communicating with them effectively and regularly through a broad range of channels.

It’s about service delivery. We want to keep our clients happy by delivering a service in line with their expectations. We don’t always get it right but we listen and adapt.

We make things happen; whether finding a tenant, organising reactive maintenance or resolving a long-standing problem we try to take ownership of challenges and rise to meet them.

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